KTW Bi-functional Welding Generator
1. KTW Bi-functional Welding Generator
2. KTW Bi-functional Welding Generator
3. KTW Bi-functional Welding Generator
4. KTW Bi-functional Welding Generator
5. KTW Bi-functional Welding Generator

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KTW Bi-functional Welding Generator
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KTW Series
Technical parameters:
Technical parameters:
1.Voltage range: 115V-240V
2.Power range: 5kW-27kW
3.Speed: 1,500 (1,800) r/min (50Hz/60Hz)
4.Welding current: 180A-540A
Comply with the relevant standards:
4.NEMA MG1-22  
7.CE standard
International Electrotechnical Commission standard
national rotary motor standard
British Standard
North American standard
Canadian Standard
German standard
Product Features:
1.Unique structure, easy maintenance
2.Strong resistance to adverse environments --- patented technology
3.Short production cycle, fast delivery
4.Main machine failure rate of less than 0.2%
Model Description: take KTW-10 for example
KT --- indicates Xingnuo KT generator series
W --- represents bi-directional power generation and welding machine
10 --- indicates the generator power;
Technical parameters:
Rated frequency:
Rated speed:
Rated voltage:
Voltage adjustment range:
Excitation mode:
Winding temperature rise:
50Hz (60Hz)
1,500 (1,800) r/min
> 10%
Brush self-excitation (AVR)
<80K (resistance method)
1. Xingnuo main machine has a failure rate of less than 0.2%
Since being launched to the market in 2004, the failure rate of the main machine has been less than 0.2%
Products enjoy a high reputation for reliability and long service life
Xingnuo has initially established a global joint warranty mechanism to provide joint warranty for exported Xingnuo generators
2. Stator patented technology
The end of stator coils adopts H insulation film and the insulating along the root of the wire for uniform half-stack package according to the different coil ends extruding from the notch, to improve the dielectric strength and mechanical strength of the end part.
The ends of the stator and each bundle of the coil have been processed; the lead end of each bundle of coils has been reshaped.
At the end of stator of each generator, an insulating end cap is added, and each bundle of re-shaped coils is effectively fixed to the insulating end cap, so that the end coil forms an integral with excellent strength, to effectively prevent and withstand the impact from sudden load and short circuit, which may then cause the stator end to fall apart.
3. Xingnuo rotor patented technology
Patented rotor coil wire, triple insulated structure:
Bottom: H-class insulation film stack package
Middle: insulated glass package
Outside: high-quality insulating paint soaking, drying
Effectively improving the inter-turn and inter-layer insulation of the rotor, as well as the moisture and corrosion resistances, the service life, reliability, and environmental adaptability of the generator
Particularly suitable for being used in high humidity and heat, subtropical, island, chemical, dyeing and other harsh environments
4. Rotor segment V-shaped wing support block
For the XN generator series the expansion and elongation of the generator rotor copper wire due to high temperatures has been taken into consideration in the design. Segmented support block design is adopted and sufficient space is reserved to prevent damage the insulation caused by the deformation of the copper wire due to thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, which can result in the burning of the generator.
5. Short production cycle, fast delivery
Production management experience with an annual out of 50,000 generators
Efficient pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service
Adequate product inventory
Four warehouses set up in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Wuxi, and Shandong, shortening the service radius


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