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  Service Commitment  

1.A number of logistics centers has been set up in the country, allowing customers to enjoy shorter delivery time; 
2.A joint guarantee network has been set up both in China and abroad, to shorten the service radius; 
3.The company actively supports and cooperates with customers’ pre-marketing and field services; 
4.We can provide longer warranty periods, as well as training and after-sales service;

Xingnuo after-sales service refers to the service after our products leave the factory and reach customers or end users, which include factory service for customers, end-user service, warranty period service, and tour service. Xingnuo provides quality services for Xingnuo products. Our service principle is fast delivery and effective service.

For products within the Warranty period, Xingnuo provides free consultancy for technical, installation, use and other issues raised by customers, as well as free repair, parts replacement or supports within warranty periods.

For products beyond the warranty period, Xingnuo offers free technical consulting services, paid on-site services, and paid components support or maintenance services.

When customers need services from Xingnuo, Xingnuo will determine the maintenance solution within 24 hours. For domestic end-users within 2000km from Wuxi, our personnel will reach within 48 hours; for domestic and foreign end-users farther than 2,000km, the arrival time will be discussed otherwise.

  Warranty Period  
  Under the condition that the user has installed and used the generator properly in accordance with the instructions in the maintenance manual, Xingnuo offers a product warranty period of 12 months or 3,000 hours running time from the date of shipment, whichever comes first; for main stator, main rotor damages caused by non-human and non-force majeure factors, and it is impossible to quickly determine the cause of the failure and have the failure removed on the field, Xingnuo will provide rapid replacement service based on the customer's application.  
  Service Center  
  In 2010, Xingnuo established four service centers respectively in Shandong, Wuxi, Guangzhou, and Fujian in the domestic market;  
  Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment 
Machine overhaul 
Mechanical maintenance 
Stator and rotor repair 
  Field Service  
  Generator commissioning field support service 
Field bearing maintenance and care, and operation condition monitoring 
Generator inspection and maintenance 
  Customer support  
  Technical Support
Training operators and maintenance personnel
  Contact Us  
  Service Hotline:+86-510-83311285-8003             

Telephone service complaints:+86-510-83311285-8003

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