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Wuxi city Huishan District key industry to resolve the difficulties for real
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A few days ago, the Huishan District key industry (Shanghai) promotion will be held in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Hold this key industry promotion meeting, it is the area to increase investment attraction force and a practical action. Its purpose is to improve the industrial structure adjustment, industry level in Huishan, the strategic objectives of the auto parts, wind power equipment manufacturing, photovoltaic, biomedical materials and digital information and other major projects in four major projects, to promote a number of industrial, service industry and the intention to sign a contract, a number of potential investment intentions of the project information source, build Huishan district and Pudong New Area Shanghai economic exchanges and cooperation platform, meet and hook a number of emerging industries, large business groups and business elite. Promotion, the district launched a total of more than 20 cooperation promotion projects, aimed at Pudong enterprises to provide the most convenient way and the most convenient way and the most detailed directory, mainly divided into three categories: the first category is auto parts, wind power equipment manufacturing, photovoltaic, bio medicine, new materials and digital information and other four major emerging industry projects, the second category is a large production data market and logistics projects, the third category is a large building materials market and business, leisure center project.
Promotion conference, Huishan Economic Development Zone and Pudong Road and Bridge signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, Yanqiao Street office and Shanghai if peak Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the electrolysis of water project, Wuxi Xingnuo Electric Co., Ltd. and Germany MBH cooperative development of generator manufacturing project, intercity railway station Huishan District Management Committee and American ATL company cooperation Development Center Trade City 17 projects in the successful signing, the total investment of the project is reached 39.6 billion, $52 million.

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